What it takes to be Missali

Missali Shoes resembles the true essence of the word ‘Missali’ meaning ‘the perfect embodiment of a concept’.

The concept we work upon is to make you experience the happiness of effortless walks, the touch of the finest quality Italian leather texture, the comfort of the plush fabrics, and the craftsmanship of our shoemakers. It all comes in a single box delivered to your doorstep.

Love at First Sight

Finest Italian leather

The quality of the leather is a major determining factor of happiness that you get after wearing a pair of shoes. It has to be elegant, fine, and robust in joining. Unlike other brands that use the corrected grain or softy leather, every pair of Missali Shoes is swathed with Italian crust leather 100% genuine imported crust leather.

What makes imported crust leather special

The distinguished feel of the crust once you touch it

Best-in-class quality and increases the durability of a shoe that can last for a long-term if well taken care of

Endless possibilities in finishing

Leather Lining

When we say ‘Missali Shoes makes 100% authentic leather shoes’, we mean it! We do not use PU synthetic lining fabrics in shoes rather the lining of every Missali Shoes is built in 100% genuine leather and is cushioned 360 degrees to give the wearer the immense comfort to the foot it deserves.


The place where the foot stays for the maximum time in a shoe is called as Footbed/InSock. For maximum comfort and resistless walks, the footbed surface has to be soft enough to make the whole weight of your body rest comfortably.Over the years of manufacturing good quality leather shoes, we have consistently researched and upgraded our footbed.

Every pair of Missali Shoes’ footbed is built with three different layers

Top layer of leather lining

The Second layer is a very good density of memory foam

The third layer is a heel pad on which your heel will rest the whole day


A rough and tough sole is needed to make the shoe tackle the rough, slippery, and rocky surfaces of the outside world. Secondly, it should also handle well the burden and weight of all the components of a shoe. Along with this, it should also be this soft as well to provide a good comfort level to your foot while walking. In Missali Shoes, we use only the best quality of TR,PU,RUBBER,EVA,PHYLON SOLES.